Design thinking, service design and creativity are core to our approach. We can help with redesigning services based on user need, branding, web, creative design and more.

Our approach

Our strategic design practice places customers, employees and service users at the centre of problem solving. We see good design as a tool for change, capable of transforming the way your organisation engages with people, delivers outcomes and develops skills for the future.

Whether you’re looking to identify and remove pain-points from an existing service or create a new service offering, our in-house team of research and service design experts have experience across product and service transformation, experience strategy, user research and graphic design.


Design services
we offer

Service Design

Crafting user-centred experiences across a service's touchpoints, from initial contact to ongoing support.

Graphic Design

Creating and designing visually compelling graphics like logos, brochures, and marketing materials to communicate your story while reflecting brand identity.

Digital Design

Designing and developing digital products like websites and apps, focusing on user experience, usability, and technical feasibility.


Gathering data and insights about your target audience and market to inform effective design decisions.


Optimising your company's structure, processes and workflows for improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Developing high-level plans to achieve your business goals, leveraging design thinking and creative problem-solving.

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Collaboration is really important to us. We work in partnership with our clients and we're proud of the results we achieve together.

we work

We’re committed to following the Digital Service Standards for Wales to deliver new and redesigned services, products and experiences. We believe that a design-driven approach will help to:

Really understand users

We'll go beyond understanding what users want to truly understand why they need it, considering future generations and the impact on the planet of proposed design solutions.

Bring empathy to the organisation

Empathy for users means raising design capabilities across all areas of an organisation. At Perago, we see design as a core part of service development, and we'll build a design-thinking process around repeatable service patterns and customer journeys to meet project goals.

Nurture user-centred transformation

Developing and improving services that address key user and organisational challenges needs input from many voices and functions. Our design framework for transformation has three stages to capture this input - Frame, Engage and Evolve. This helps us to identify the right problem to solve, engage with users and evolve service concepts to align with strategy and deliver value.

Act quickly

Good design is built on momentum. We'll deliver improved products and services at pace based on rapid prototyping, frequent iteration and adjustment based on user feedback. This means enabling a culture that is comfortable with testing an MVP (minimal viable product), to learn from feedback and incorporate it before building and releasing the next version.

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