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A global pandemic and staying connected

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Internal communications, culture and change


What was the challenge


What we did

  • Introduced two way communication channels to encourage conversations and connectivity​
  • Focused on internal communications and keeping people connected.​
  • Introduced a Communications Grid to help planning and resource management​
  • Provided training and development in campaign based communications and evaluation​ and coaching, guidance and support to the team
  • Developed and introduced a performance dashboard to understand the impact of the work of the team​
  • Provided advice and guidance to the Auditor General on a new Executive Director of Communications and Change role and how this would support organisational objectives​
  • Supported recruitment of a new Head of Communications
  • Improved organisational communications capability and two way engagement through COVID-19
  • Created a new way of working, introduced an internal communications framework and improved capability
  • Successfully introduced new internal communication channels to support the organisation in lockdown including​ a weekly all staff email from the Auditor General, an opportunity for him to share information directly with the whole organisation ​and a monthly all staff Zoom call – this time a two-way channel to encourage conversation and engagement ​
  • Created a new pulse survey that consistently told us that over 80% of the organisation felt they were well informed or very well informed about the response to COVID-19 and the changing circumstances ​
  • ​Developed a new communications strategy focused on the organisational strategy, people and change
  • A new Head of Communications was appointed​ ready to lead the next stage of the team’s development

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