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How user led change provided sustainable results for Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water and its customers



What we did

We were asked to support Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water in their journey and lead the delivery of their digital transformation programme. It was important to make sure customers remained at the heart of decision making throughout the process and there was a clear link between the things the team did on a day to day basis and the outcomes the change need to deliver. Our team led the programme providing hands on delivery support alongside strategic advice and knowledge transfer.

This involved:

  • Ensuring there was a focus on outcome based delivery that made a tangible difference to the business and their customers
  • Embedding ongoing customer insight and user research into the delivery process and ensuring services were designed to meet user needs
  • Establishing new ways of working highlighting the value of agile and incremental ways of working as well as promoting developing in house skills
  • Facilitating a change in culture that supports continuous delivery and responsive decision making based on changing business and user need
  • Provide a seamless customer experience that drives efficiencies across the business
  • Digital take-up, channel shift and efficiency savings
  • Business and culture change. A shift to user centred thinking
  • 97% customer satisfaction feedback for online services
  • Automation of over 60% of all online transactions and around 50% of all contact being received digitally
  • Over 20% of customer registered for online billing, growing by around 15,000 new registrations a month.
  • Significant efficiency savings enabled to support the reduction in operating costs from the 2019/20 baseline.

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