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CDPS provide direction, standards, guidance, training and hands-on practical help.

They are an arm’s length body of Welsh Government who report their progress quarterly to Welsh Government’s Ministerial Digital Board.

Launched in June 2020 they work collaboratively across public sector organisations in Wales to design and deliver services around the needs of the people who use them. Perago led the delivery of the Alpha phase of their development.


After an initial discovery phase the Centre for Digital Public Services moved into its Alpha phase in July 2021. Perago was appointed to lead delivery of the Alpha phase.

This included:

— Delivery of the first digital squad into three local authorities

— Creation of a knowledge sharing approach

— An understanding of skills and capability needs

— Leading supplier management in a multi-vendor delivery environment

— Providing communications capability to support the Centre, demonstrating progress, sharing learning and working in the open


What we did


— Led the first digital squad through its Discovery and Alpha phases

— Stakeholder management for the three local authorities involved in the first digital squad

— Delivered a blog to share learning and progress

— Managed the Centre’s social media channels

— Provided Welsh language services

Knowledge Sharing and service standards

— Delivered branding and a website for the Centre creating a home for knowledge sharing

— Created a Knowledge Sharing Series in the form of monthly webinars

— Created the first CDPS Community of Practice

— Created the Digital Service Standards for Wales (drafting, iteration and publishing)

Skills and Capability

— Delivery oversight of a discovery project to gain a deeper understanding of the skills and capability needs across sectors.

— Supported development of a 90-minute ‘Introduction to digital transformation awareness’ session for senior leaders

— Ensured knowledge sharing across all parts of our delivery

  • Successful delivery of the first digital squad through discovery and alpha phases
  • Created and iterated the Digital Service Standards for Wales
  • Launched a blog for CDPS providing regular updates on the work of the Centre and its partners with over 50 posts creating a drumbeat around progress
  • Demonstrated ‘working in the open’ through week notes, show and tells, website content and blogs
  • Launched CDPS’ first community of practice focused on bilingual service delivery
  • CDPS allocated funding for continued delivery in 2021/22

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