To deliver better services, organisations need to communicate effectively both internally and externally.

Our approach

Our approach to communicating digital change and transformation is grounded in good campaign management; clear objectives, an understanding of your audience, transparent planning, a clear delivery approach and iterative evaluation that leads to improvement and sharing of good practice. Our in-house team of communications experts has experience both in the public and private sectors. Our experience ranges from delivering complex transformational change to launching e-commerce platforms.


We also provide standalone communications services including:

Change Management

We help organisations develop a narrative and communications approach to navigate and adapt to new processes, structures, or technologies.

Communications delivery

Our team can help you engage your users, organisation and stakeholders to support change delivery. We can deliver stand alone communications activities and events or support you with your whole organisation communications strategy. We develop insight led communication approaches that support delivery of outcomes.


We can help you developing communication strategies to manage negative publicity or unforeseen events.


We use insight to plan, develop and deliver creative marketing materials and campaigns to promote your services and brand and drive service adoption.

Capability reviews

Our experienced team can carry out a review of your organisation's communication capability and provide you with insights and actions that improve the outcomes you deliver.

Bilingual communications delivery

We deliver in both Welsh and English and have extensive experience of working within the requirements of the Welsh Language Act.

Trusted by…

Collaboration is really important to us. We work in partnership with our clients and we're proud of the results we achieve together.

we work

Alongside your team

Before we work on any communication strategy or start thinking about outputs, we make sure we understand the “why” driving your change. We then work collaboratively with you to provide communication services that support your goals.

In the open

We work collaboratively across teams, both at Perago and with the clients we support. Positive and clearly defined relationships between comms teams and digital teams help when experimenting with new channels and new ways of communicating.  

Following OASIS principles

We are advocates of following the OASIS framework for communications (Objectives, Audience, Strategy, Implementation, Scoring) to ensure our campaigns are well-defined, targeted, and have a higher chance of achieving the desired results.

Encouraging feedback

We open conversation routes both with service providers and service users. By providing the audience with a way to directly engage with the delivery teams, service owners or stakeholders we help the audience have a sense of ownership and involvement in the project, which in turn drives sustainable behaviour change. 

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