A celebration of collaboration, culture and Welshness

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Michael Jones, Regional Manager at Sanderson Recruitment, spent the day with us at our Swansea office to join our Saint David’s day celebration. In this blogpost he reviews the synergies between Sandersons and Perago and what he learnt by spending the day with us.

“On the first of March, I got the opportunity to spend the day with one of my exclusive clients, Perago, as they celebrated St Davids day and ‘all things Welsh’, an open day to welcome neighbours and business associates to their brand-new office in the heart of Swansea. They’d arranged random acts of Welshness, Daffodils, Welsh cakes and of course my favourite of all – cheese! 

But really, for me, it was an opportunity to really get to know more about the business and more importantly the people that make Perago what they are today.  

For the past 18 months, Perago has been more than just a client to me. They have a set of values and principles that resonate deeply with my own and when we first spoke we shared a commitment to delivering better outcomes through collaboration, communication and working in the open, and putting people first in everything they do. Perago’s commitment to driving digital in Wales by nurturing local talent and helping to develop the skills needed of future generations to succeed, was something they were visibly passionate about, a fact that only related more to me. 

As soon as I walked into the new office, I instantly felt at home. They have developed a fantastic open plan office that looks out over Swansea. Vibrant colours, break out areas, probably some of the largest white walls I’ve ever seen. Combine that with a really warm welcome filled with smiles and hellos – it made a real impact. 

Whilst the friendliness was abundant, what was really exciting to see was the passion, every conversation I had made me feel like I could take on the world, from Dave talking about the past, present and future and everything in between, to Ty talking about AI in public sector and Cory talking about the work he’s delivering and the people he’s supporting – everyone was clearly proud of what they’d achieved and loved what they were doing –  this simply didn’t ‘feel’ like many other companies.  

As I was sitting there, I noticed 3 things that set them apart: 

1. The people 

Perago has a great mix of people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, ages, and abilities. They celebrate their differences and leverage them to create a more innovative and inclusive environment. As a recruiter, I look for candidates who appreciate diversity and inclusion, and who can contribute this type of culture. 

2. Communication and collaboration 

Perago’s MD has a strong communications background and so as you’d expect, they have a strong culture of communication and collaboration which shows in their work, office and how they communicate with each other. Perago encourages their people to share their ideas, opinions, and perspectives, and to work together to solve problems and generate ideas. As a recruiter, I’m always looking for candidates who have strong communication and collaboration skills, and who can work well with others for this very reason. 

3. Diversity of work 

Perago’s unique mix of skills, people and experience has led them to some pretty interesting opportunities. In my time at their office, I learned that they were involved in everything from large central government departments to local authorities, health and education – that’s without mentioning some quirky stuff that’s also in their pipeline. They seem to challenge themselves to work on different types of projects, and to learn from different types of clients. 

It was clear to me that everything that Perago say they do for their clients is deeply ingrained into everything they do internally too. You always read about this being an important thing to a brand, but it’s another thing to witness it in real life. 

Leaving the office on that sunny Friday afternoon, I felt a profound sense of Welshness – another testament to the company they have built. The plans and what they will achieve have me excited to be part of their journey, to the point that I would say they could break out to be the next big brand born out of Wales – a statement I don’t make lightly. 

In the heart of Swansea, on St David’s Day, I witnessed more than just a company; I witnessed the embodiment of Welsh pride and the power of collaboration.   

Perago’s ethos serves as a beacon of inspiration for all who encounter it, a reminder that success is not just measured in achievements but in the positive impact we leave on others.”

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