Sponsoring Egni 2023

5 min read Written by: Victoria Ford

We’re proud to be platinum sponsors of Egni 2023.

Egni 2023 is North Wales’ low carbon and renewable energy conference focusing on strategic energy projects and progress to net zero. Hosted by MSparc the event will see speakers from the Welsh and UK governments, public and private organisations and, perhaps most importantly, young people who will be challenging our collective progress to net zero and sharing their concerns for the future.

A climate emergency

In 2019 Wales declared a climate emergency.  We all have a responsibility to make positive changes to help tackle climate change as individuals and as organisations.  This is something we’ve talked about a lot at Perago. As a company we’ve taken steps to reduce our own carbon emissions.  We support hybrid working and have green incentive programmes including electric vehicle and cycle to work schemes, we recycle in our office and aim to be paper free.  We’re also working towards becoming a BCorp organisation, to measure our entire social and environmental impact and will be submitting our assessment imminently. But like everyone, we can do more.

Supporting net zero

In 2021 we took a strategic decision to use our skills and experience to support Net Zero projects where we can. In 2022 we worked in partnership with the team at MSParc to run a Discovery for the Centre for Digital Public Services on net zero in digital in Wales.  Our discovery made a number of recommendations including making Net Zero a priority in digital, sharing good practice in Net Zero in digital and exploring ways to measure the carbon footprint of digital services.

The Net Zero discovery also highlighted the opportunity to procure digital products and services in a way that supports the reduction of carbon emissions so we’re really pleased to be working with Welsh Government, alongside commercial and procurement specialists CURSHAW, to develop the Procurement Centre of Excellence, now known as Cyd. Cyd’s initial focus is on the role of procurement and commercial in supporting Wales’ target to reach Net Zero by 2030.

We’ve also been working with Historic Environment Scotland as they develop training materials to support building professionals in understanding the risks and opportunities of applying modern energy efficiency measures to traditional buildings, placing energy efficiency alongside the conservation of traditional buildings.

The possibilities for digital, service design and technology to support Wales’ Net Zero ambitions need to be explored and we’re keen to expand our work on Net Zero projects in Wales and beyond.  Net Zero thinking should be core to any service design and digital work. We can’t just ignore this climate emergency or make vague assumptions about the impacts of public service delivery on the climate. We need to make conscious decisions that support sustainable change.

Learning and sharing

We’re looking forward to joining the Egni conference to hear more from some of the projects happening across North Wales and beyond and how these can be shared wider.

The conference is happening on Tuesday 16 May at MSparc’s HQ on Ynys Mon.