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The third sector in the United Kingdom, also known as the not-for-profit industry, encompasses a diverse range of organisations. Their impact on social and environmental well-being is significant, making collaboration with these organisations crucial for shaping public policy.

Our approach

We are led by our values and part of that is about doing the right things for our communities, and the communities that support us.

Our team specialises in delivery, design, and communications. We provide practical support to third-sector organisations across and beyond Wales. Our focus is on making services more accessible and efficient through digital means. We also offer guidance as critical friends, helping organisations innovate and improve. We aim to better equip third-sector organisations in how they use their back-end administrative and contact functions so that they can focus on what they do best in terms of frontline delivery – whatever that may be.

Our team can support through:

Critical friend services

We recognise that the third-sector is full of people with a real passion for their specialism, whatever that may be. But often, this means they fall short of some of the other attributes needed to support behind the scenes. We can be the support they need when they need it. From technical and IT to leadership or strategy coaching we’ll provide the support needed to deliver the best value for the people they support.

IT and security reviews and advice

We will take an objective and realistic view of how and what IT is used and provide an independent and realistic advice to help keep them and the data they hold safe.

Communications and marketing

Many third-sector organisations are simply not large enough to justify a communications or marketing team or even a person. We can support them when needed to guide, deliver, produce, or run a communications or marketing campaign that supports the organisation's overall aims.

User-centred service design

We provide an end-to-end approach to help design services that work better for users and support your organisational goals. We appreciate that those that third-sector organisations support have specific user needs that we can work closely with to design services that deliver value to those who need them.

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Successful transformation is visible from its outcomes and learnings, which is why we provide:

Measurable improvements

We track transformation changes, providing analysis of progress toward the strategic objective to third-sector leaders and project sponsors.

Boosted capacity and capability

Throughout the project, we will work with your people to build capability and strengthen teams.

Culture of continuous improvement

We encourage a culture of ongoing improvement for lasting positive change.

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