We partner with local authorities to deliver transformative change

Across the UK, councils are looking at reshaping their legacy systems, processes, and workforce capabilities to deliver efficient and effective services that meet evolving resident needs.

Our approach

At Perago, we understand the challenging landscape surrounding local authorities, from legislative changes to budgetary pressures.

Having worked on many local authority projects and being guided by agile and user-centred design principles, we have built a skilled team that will support you in delivering transformative programs that will contribute to successful outcomes and improve resident satisfaction.

Our team can support through:

Collaborative partnerships

We work with established council teams by aligning our team of experienced change and transformation experts to your goals and deliver collaborative change.

Data-driven insights

We are always led by data and insights that allow us to make informed decisions and optimise service delivery.

Tailored learning and development

We equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge to thrive throughout the change programmes.

Leadership support

Our programme of change includes the option to deliver bespoke development opportunities for council members to make sure leadership direction and decisions align with transformation goals.

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Successful transformation is visible from its outcomes and learnings, which is why we provide:

Measurable improvements

We track transformation changes, providing analysis of progress toward the strategic objective to council leaders and project sponsors.

Boosted capacity and capability

We will work with your people throughout the project to build capability and strengthen your teams.

Culture of continuous improvement

We encourage a culture of ongoing improvement for lasting positive change.

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