We have a long history of supporting central government

We work with the UK Central Government, devolved governments and arm's-length bodies, supporting them on their mission to enhance public service delivery. These initiatives prioritise the modernisation of infrastructure and processes, aiming for a more efficient and streamlined experiences for all service users.

Our approach

Perago started from our work within central government. Our founding directors met and worked together on transforming public services.

We have supported many central government departments to improve their public service delivery.

We have worked with three UK governments on delivering large-scale transformation projects, audits and reviews to design and set up arm’s length bodies to support Wales’ digital development. We are proud to have worked with the UK Home Office, Audit Wales, Centre for Digital Public Services, Companies House, Intellectual Property Office, Scottish Government, Welsh Government, and The Senedd.

Our team can support through:

Landscape reviews

High-level exploration of the organisation's current processes, capabilities, technology and structure in the light of their needs and strategic priorities. At the end of a landscape review, an organisation should have a clear structural overview of its systems, how they fit together, what opportunities for improvement exist, and how they should be prioritised. ​

Data-driven insights

We are always led by data and insights to allow us to make informed decisions and optimise service delivery.

Programme and portfolio delivery

Our portfolio, programme and project delivery service covers a range of roles and methodologies. We have extensive experience in delivering large-scale and complex cloud software, infrastructure and business change programmes through Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live, allowing organisations to meet user needs and provide value for money.​

Leadership support

Our programme of change includes the option to deliver bespoke development opportunities to ensure leadership alignment with transformation goals.

User-centred service design

We provide an end-to-end approach to help you design services that work better for users and support your organisational goals. Working collaboratively to undertake a user-centred approach, we understand the current service delivery before we start designing a new service blueprint. This includes the interactions and processes required to meet user needs within your operational and technical constraints.

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Successful transformation is visible from its outcomes and learnings, which is
why we provide:

Measurable improvements

We track transformation changes, providing analysis of progress toward the strategic objective to business leaders and project sponsors.

Boosted capacity and capability

We will work with your people throughout the project to build capability and strengthen your teams.

Culture of continuous improvement

We encourage a culture of ongoing improvement for lasting positive change.

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