New Clients, Collaborations and Partnerships

5 min read Written by: Tim Daley

Following what could be described as a dynamic start to 2023 including a new office refurb, several new contracts and some new collaborations and partnerships – we’re excited to share with you some of the projects we’ve been working on lately.

Our focus as a company has always been on supporting organisations to deliver better services through user centred service design and digital. Alongside digital change, strategy and delivery, we’re increasingly starting to work with organisations on wider services that support their ongoing service improvement and shift to user centred thinking.  This has given us some really nice opportunities to learn and grow our own service offering. We love the diversity of work that comes our way, and we want to give you a glimpse into what we’ve been up to.

Whether you’re someone who’s considering working with us, working for us, or just curious about the kind of work we do, we’re happy to share a bit about some of the exciting new projects we’re working on.

Royal Mint

We were delighted when we were contacted by the Royal Mint who had a digital challenge. They wanted a digital solution to help with the onboarding and induction of new employees called “A Warm Welcome From The Royal Mint”. We developed a digital interactive document designed to give new recruits an insight into what to expect on their first day including a welcome message from their CEO and all the answers to most commonly asked questions. Providing the graphic design, interactive rendering and webhosting and configuration to pull it all together in to one neat package was a great little project. Take a look at the finished product at

Audit Wales

We worked closely with Audit Wales to support and grow their communications function in 2021/22 and it was lovely to be invited back recently to work with the communications and change team to support them with some tools and techniques that they could use to update their website, specifically around how they tailor it’s use to cater for different audiences. We designed and ran 3 full day workshops (in Cardiff and two in our office in Swansea) where we helped clarify objectives, consider audiences and what aspects of the website would need to be tailored. This led on to some great exercises where the team could think up ideas to improve the services for each audience type. The workshops were based on information and knowledge based on their business and it gave the team practical experience of and approach to service design they could apply with real users. We loved working this through with a great group of people.

“The workshops were a perfect opportunity for us to get together and use Perago’s service design expertise to really challenge our thinking on how our website can better meet the needs of its users. Big thanks to Chris and Dave for their support.”

Gareth Phillips, Head of Communications – Audit Wales.


Over the past few months, alongside CURSHAW, we’ve been working on the Procurement Centre of Excellence, now known as Cyd. Working closely with the Welsh Government’s Procurement team and engaging with procurement and commercial communities, we’ve produced a temporary website, along with Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to share progress and start conversations. This site will be a space where communities can learn and support each other with an initial focus on the role of procurement and commercial in supporting Wales’ target to reach Net Zero by 2030.

We’re now moving onto phase 2, where we’ll be developing a live website, developing policy mapping tools, engaging more with communities, holding events and providing practical support to the Welsh public sector. We’ve really enjoyed working on this, getting to know more about the world of procurement and commercial and can’t wait to see what more comes out of it. You can take a look at the Cyd website here.

“I have really enjoyed working with the project team and having the opportunity to see how agile ways of working can be applied from the digital world to the procurement world”.

David Nicholson – Cyd Senior Responsible Owner


Having worked with the team at the Senedd previously to support them with a communications review, in the last month, we were glad to be able to add to that by carrying out a review of their communications channels. We found that there was a clear understanding that the channels available were in place to support the work of the Senedd to be: ‘a strong, accessible, inclusive and forward looking parliament that delivers effectively for the people of Wales’ – and with that in mind, were welcomed to interview the enthusiastic and talented group of people that make up their communications and engagement teams to learn more about how they use and develop content for a wide and varied mix of channels. Their openness and honesty really helped us to suggest a range of options to improve on the already great work the Senedd are doing and we are excited to keep an eye on their plans for the future.

Historic Environment Scotland

Since April 2022, we’ve been working with the team at HES to support them in defining their digital strategy and roadmap for the next few years. This has led to some great ideas and products that HES are exploring developing, two of which we have been helping them to develop by conducting early user research:

HES Connect – A digital application to provide insight for those interested in the historic buildings of Scotland and bring them closer to Scotland through digital technology. Targeting the North American market, we’ve recruited participants and conducted over 20 hours of qualitative research with people from California to Montreal. Testing the prototype applications gathering helpful insight for the team at HES to inform the following stages of development

Energy Efficiency in traditional buildings – Many of you may not know, but the team at HES are expert in the conservation of traditional buildings. Traditional buildings are often referred to as being of ‘breathable construction’. This means that the construction materials used can absorb and release moisture.

With the desire for more and more homes to be made energy efficient, HES has been developing training materials to support building professionals in understanding the risks and opportunities of applying modern energy efficiency measures to traditional buildings. As part of this work, we’ve carried out several hours of qualitative research with building professionals across the UK to develop an understanding of the knowledge base and the need for modular, online learning for building professionals who may one day need to carry out renovations to a traditional building.  This insight has supported the team at HES to develop the modular training approach further and ensure that the content is suitable for several audiences.

In Summary

We’ve really enjoyed working on these projects and a huge thank you to the people and organisations who have chosen to work with us on some really interesting projects this year – supporting us and challenging us to expand on the services we offer.

If you have any ideas about how we could help you, please do get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you!