Meet our Associates

5 min read Written by: Victoria Ford

At Perago we pride ourselves in being specialists at what we do; we support organisations to deliver better services to their users. 

When we first had the idea to create a business that could do this, we spent many an hour together in coffee shops, bars and on trains between Swansea and London working through our idea. We pondered our business model and planned how we could scale our skill set and capacity to really make a difference to our clients in supporting their transformation to user-based service delivery.  

We knew with the experience and skill set we could bring; we would need more. The deeper our experience and the wider our capacity to respond and scale, the more we could achieve and the better our services would be.   

What we were certain of was that we were already proud of the organisation we could create and that our success would depend on the results we delivered and the reputation we built.  

Fast forward three years and we are indeed proud of the organisation we’ve created. It’s been challenging, more so now in the Covid19 world we are all operating in. There’s been many twists and turns and some hard lessons learnt, but we’ve worked with many brilliant organisations learnt so much and importantly had fun along the way.  

Early on we started to build an associate network. A network that shared our values and beliefs in how we operate, working in the open and focusing on supporting organisations to leave capability in a better place than where we started. They were people we’d worked with before, learnt from and who we knew could not only deliver, but would take time to share and teach others and help individuals develop new ways of working that could be adapted to wider changes across their organisation.

We understand the skills required for organisations to take a user-based approach to the re-design and delivery of services. We understand the skills and expertise we have as an organisation and those we don’t, which is where our associate network comes in, supplementing the expertise we already have.

Our associate network helps us bring a wide range of skills and expertise to our clients across all elements of transformation and change, from strategy to delivery, ensuring that users are at the centre of organisational thinking.

Through our associate network we’ve been able to add expertise in areas such as data and cyber security, user research and service design. All that planning and pondering on the train, in cafes and bars set us in the right direction. Now our network is growing along with our business and we’re delighted to be working with such a talented group of individuals.  You can meet some of our associates here.