Introducing Victoria Ford

5 min read Written by: Victoria Ford

This April marked 23 years for me as a civil servant and got me reflecting as milestones often do.  When I walked into Dover West Docks to start my Immigration Officer training in April 1994 I had no idea about where my career would take me and, being young, didn’t really care that much. It was my first job and I was just excited to be doing something new, meeting new people and earning some money.

Fast forward 23 years and I have been extremely fortunate to have had many different, challenging, interesting and fun opportunities across a number of disciplines and in a number of countries.  Becoming a Senior Civil Servant wasn’t actually something I aspired to 23 years ago, but has allowed me to lead teams through complex change environments and set direction, pace and culture in a way I could never have imagined that April day back in Dover.

Public sector of the future

Over the last few years, my involvement with change, communications and organisational transformation through digital has not only been fun, exciting and full on, but has made me reflect on what the next 23 years may look like. I can’t predict the public sector of the future, but I do know that at the centre of that world will be people and culture. The ability to respond fast and exploit new technology for the good of users of public services no matter where their geographical location.

The Wales that we want to see

That’s why although my decision to leave the civil service was tough, it was a clear cut one. I am really excited to have joined Perago at this pivotal time for public services in Wales. The creation of a digital economy, better public services for citizens and a thriving digital community is critical. Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe is right that we all have a part to play in constructing the Wales that we want to see in the future. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act provides the legislative momentum and at Perago-Wales we have a stake not only in the future for Wales as a whole, but in supporting the development of first class talent, building a shared national IT infrastructure and creating a culture that allows change to flourish.

Heart of our vision

This isn’t just about technology and digital services, it is about whole organisations, people and their environment. Delivery, culture and engagement should be at the heart of the vision for Wales. It is at the heart of the people and services Perago-Wales offers. Here’s to the next 23 years!.

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