Hi! I’m Liam – The new Service Designer at Perago.

5 min read Written by: Liam Beattie

I come from a background of over 20 years as a Graphic/Brand Designer working for a host of agencies and companies in and around the Cardiff area. My last role seen me as a Designer at Welsh Water, where I worked as part of the Communications Team to support a range of campaigns and brand-led projects through design. I took the new role at Perago as I’m now at a stage in my career where I wanted to try something slightly new and enhance my skillset and knowledge to become an even better thought-driven Designer.

Why I joined Perago?

I believe, in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies are recognising the significance of user experiences to thrive in a competitive marketplace. As a passionate advocate for seamless interactions and customer-centric solutions, I felt that Perago would be an exciting chapter for my career path.

Service design is a human-centered approach that aims to enhance the overall user experience across various touchpoints and interactions with a brand or organisation. It goes beyond the traditional design practices I’m used to by considering the entire ecosystem surrounding a service, including processes, people, and technology. I’m hoping I can use my existing knowledge and combine my passion for design with a deep understanding of user needs.

What next…

My first task as a Perago’er is to tackle the ‘Perago brand’ – with all the recent change and the impending office move it seems like a good time to look at ourselves as a ‘brand’ and how we position ourselves. Over the next few weeks I will be gathering some insight into us as a brand and figuring out how we look for the future ahead – so watch this space…

From the moment I stepped into the office, I was welcomed with open arms by the Perago team. Their warm and inclusive culture fosters an environment where collaboration and constant learning thrives. I’m excited to get started and get my head into some big projects and integrate myself as a valuable member of the team.