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5 min read Written by: Tim Daley

Who are we?

Based in South Wales our team has experience of enabling digital transformation in the public sector and supporting clients to deliver projects and programmes that change the way public services are delivered.

We formed Perago-Wales in April 2016 knowing that we wanted to use our shared skills and experience to support digital transformation and improve public services in Wales. Based in Swansea we are now focused on bringing our skills and experience to Wales at this exciting and challenging time for Welsh public services.

Why Wales?  Setting the scene 

The landscape of Wales is changing.  The creation of a digital economy, better public services and a thriving digital community needs to be built on a digital infrastructure that develops and attracts first class talent, builds a shared national IT infrastructure and creates a culture that allows change to flourish.

As a business based in Wales we have a stake in that vision and a belief in an ambition for Wales to be at the forefront of digital innovation. We have now developed our service offering and are excited to be part of delivering this agenda.  Our commitment as an organisation is to work to benefit the area where we live, its communities and its users.

We also know that the opportunity to really transform the public sector in Wales has never been greater.  This has been brought to the forefront here in Swansea with the signing of the Swansea Bay City Region Deal; a real shift in the area’s economic and social well being strategy.  Around £1.3bn of public and private resources will fund a series of innovative projects across South West Wales.  The Cardiff Capital Region City Deal adds a further £1.28bn of investment into Wales. These initiatives have the potential to affect every business in the region regardless of size or sector and, at Perago-Wales, we are excited to be focusing on delivering against this agenda and the wider opportunities for Wales.

Real end to end business transformation

Our team has first hand experience of real end to end business transformation.  From developing the vision and case for change through to enabling the exit of major IT contracts and the implementation of public facing digital services.  We know that getting the internal change right is as important as getting the public facing change right.

We have first hand experience of this end to end business transformation.  We know the pitfalls and we know what is needed to succeed.

Want to find out more?

If you think we could help you or your organisation with your transformation or you’d just like a chat about transformation in Wales, then we’d love to talk to you.  

Tim Daley introduces Perago-Wales’ new blog focusing on digital transformation and disruption in the public sector in Wales.

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