Good to be back!

5 min read Written by: Sunmi Babalola

Since then, I’ve officially finished my degree in Economics and Business at Swansea University and I’m back at Perago now as a grad full-time. In this past year I completed modules such as Project Management, International Economics and Trade and Leadership, where I was able to learn valuable business theories which I will now be able to apply practically in real situations. I also did an internship with the Swansea University Media Suite where I was able to pick up film-making, camera and editing skills which I’d love to be able to use at Perago. Learning theories and ideologies was really fascinating as it meant I was able to understand the fundamentals of why we follow certain processes and work in particular ways. Towards the end of my degree, I was unsure about what my plans after university were going to be. I really enjoyed my time in Swansea and my preference was to stay in Wales and, as such, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to return to Perago and continue to work on amazing projects with a chance to learn more about digital, change and project management and to see how I’d be able to implement any ideas I might have.

I’m really excited to see what I’ve learnt being used in real situations and applying these techniques in my role.

What is my role?

What exactly is my role? I feel like my time at Perago is beginning again, I’ve returned with a lot more knowledge and experience than I had last time I was here. It feels so great to be back working with the team and to be working on great projects. My role this time will be split into two parts – business support and communications assistant.

Business Support

As business support, I will be focusing on keeping the company running smoothly. This means focusing on the back-end aspects of certain projects as well as Perago in general. I will be sorting out our weekly face-to-face sessions, our show and tell agendas, and will be involved in our procurement process. I will also be doing some admin work particularly in our email inbox management, file management and looking into our current onboarding process and ways to improve them. Understanding some of these processes will definitely help me as I’d be able to incorporate some of the back-end aspects when planning future projects.

Communications Assistant

What’s quite unique about Perago is how we embed communication in our approach to digital and change. I’ll be joining the comms team as communications assistant. This includes Blog management, Website management and Social Media management. I’ll be involved with the content, design and editorial processes of them as well as generally helping to build Perago’s brand. We’ve put together a communications strategy for the company and I’m so excited to see how we implement this strategy into our ways of working and ultimately see its outcomes. Being a good communicator is another fundamental skill I would love to develop and working within this team and being able to learn from them would be fantastic experience for me.

What I am to achieve

I will be with the communications team for the first 6 months of my time here and then I’ll switch to another part of company and spend another 6 months in either project management, delivery or user research. There are so many transferrable skills that I’ll be able to pick up from each part of the company which I’m very excited to develop. I’ve already been given lots of access to training and support and it’s great to be with a company that understands that you won’t always have all the answers but are willing to work through them together to find solutions.

There’s lots going on at at Perago right now and I’m excited to be able to learn skills in such a supportive environment. We’re currently working on an exciting new project that will help make the work we do more accessible and engaging by giving it a whole new look and feel (which we will be sharing more about very soon!). I will be involved in its development and hope to pick up some new techniques whilst working on this type of project.

It’s great to be back!