Getting together, boosting team spirit and so much more

6 min read Written by: Tim Daley
Getting together, foundational economy.

Every third Thursday of the month the Perago team gets together at our Swansea office, a chance for the team to discuss the latest projects, celebrate wins and share knowledge.

At our most recent monthly meeting, one of our project teams delivered a show and tell to share how we are working with Welsh Government to develop Cyd and how it is delivering the foundational change to procurement reform Wales.

The session sparked a realisation: isn’t it amazing how we’ve all bonded as a team? It’s the little things, really – the lively chats, the shared passions, and the way our diverse talents and backgrounds all kind of click together. And importantly we all do it to make our region a better place to work and live. And without intentionally setting out to do that on the day – we’d somehow managed to do it (in a small way anyway.)

Beyond a meeting room: Collaboration at its finest

Our all-hands meetings are more than just presentations and updates. They’re a melting pot of ideas, they help us build a collaborative spirit that embodies our entire company culture. We brainstorm cross-departmental projects, share knowledge through interactive sessions, and celebrate individual and collective wins. This collaborative spirit fuels innovation and problem-solving, ultimately improving our services and how we support clients.

Supporting the local economy: A bite at a time

The impact of the meeting goes beyond our immediate team. Take, for instance, our lunchtime ritual. We ditched the bland, pre-packaged options and instead, headed to the vibrant Swansea Market. generously filled baguettes, delicious salads, and beautiful fresh cakes from Davies Bakery – a fantastic way to support local vendors. We continued this local focus during our coffee break, grabbing coffees at Basekamp, a fantastic independent café just across the road.

Sharing the soundtrack of our success

Last year we moved into our new office space and at the same time were successful in doubling the size of our team in just a few months. It was important for us to start some new traditions for people to get on board with. As part of every all hands we have a draw called “Perago Picks Pop” where someone gets to venture to a neighbouring coffee and record shop (that does the best vegan curried sausage rolls!) called Tangled Parrot to purchase a vinyl record for our record collection. As well giving insight into our people’s music taste it’s also a great way building relationships with our neighbouring businesses.

Swansea based: A badge of honour

Being based in Swansea isn’t just about where we’re located. It’s more than that – it’s a part of who we are, for many of us as individuals, but certainly as a company. We’re proud of our region and we’re always looking for ways to give back to the community that’s helped us grow. Whether that means supporting other local businesses, sponsoring events, or even volunteering our time for things like mentoring, we believe in giving back. We think it’s the right thing to do.

Collaboration builds success

This focus on collaboration and local engagement isn’t just feel-good practice; it’s a recipe for success. By building strong relationships with our community, we tap into a wealth of talent, ideas, and support. This two-way street benefits everyone – it helps us grow as a company while contributing to the positive development of Swansea.

Create a ripple effect

So the next time you encourage your team to venture out for lunch or browse the aisles of a local store, remember, it’s about more than just buying lunch. It’s about creating a ripple effect, one that can strengthen your company, your community, and ultimately, the vibrant tapestry of Swansea itself.

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