Comms Unplugged – My first visit

5 min read Written by: Chris Elias

When Victoria, the MD of Perago, asked if I would like to come to a wellbeing comms event that they sponsor down in a field in Dorset, I got a little excited.

As a comms professional, interested in health and wellbeing, it sounded perfect.

The only potential problem was the distance…I am based in Caernarfon which is in north Wales and the event was held on the Dorset coast – which was at least a seven hour journey, which ever mode of travel I researched.

But, I decided that it was too good to miss, so after half an hour in the car, four hours on the train and another three hours in another car, we arrived at the campsite.

They say that small things come in beautiful packages, and that is certainly true for Comms Unplugged. It was smaller than I expected, with only three white double tipi tents in an open field. There were no frills, but you truly felt that you were back in nature, with everything striped back to basics.

And from the moment I registered, I felt a real sense of belonging there, with everyone friendly, welcoming and happy to have a chat.  Did that have something to do with the digital detox I wonder? Did the lack of wi-fi and phone signal mean that people had their faces looking outwards, openly, rather than inward and closed, within their personal digital bubble.

The balance then between the wellbeing sessions and the professional development sessions were spot on – after a bit of Qigong on the Thursday, we had a truly inspirational keynote speech on Friday by Dr Youmna Mouhamad from Swansea University who is launching a new de-tangling brush for afro hair.

I then went to a data session, which showed the power of data when used hand-in-hand with creativity, and another session on activating talent within the workplace.  The afternoon ended with a dance fit workshop and then a relaxing hatha yoga session.

We were lucky with the weather, and had lovely sunny days and clear, but cold, starry nights. Chatting around the fire in the evening was wonderful and it felt like we were old friends, after knowing each other less than 48 hours.

There was also a woodland next to the field, and on Saturday morning before heading back, I had a wander in the woods, among the squirrels and the deer.

It sounds idyllic – and it truly was.  

I feel very fortunate to work with a company like Perago who understand the importance of health and wellbeing.

And to the three amazing volunteers who organised the event – Sally, Darren, and Georgia – thank you for your vision and your hard work.

Many people dream of such events, but you made it happen.

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