1-2-1 support and advice

We can support with:

  • Where to start?  How to kick off your digital journey?
  • Why change? Identifying and setting out your case for change.
  • Digital strategies – the purpose of a digital strategy, how you create your strategy or being a sounding board for the strategy you’re developing.
  • Leadership – the challenges of leading digital in an organisation, the role of a digital leader and unpicking blockers.
  • Communicating digital – working with communication teams to support digital transformation, from external engagement through to culture and stakeholder buy-in.
  • User led service design – putting users at the centre of service design and focusing on end to end service delivery.
  • Agile delivery – what is agile, how does it work and what do you need to work in this way?
  • Moving from a project to a product mindset – why digital transformation isn’t about completing a project.  Thinking about ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement and iteration.
  • Business case development – developing business cases in an agile world. Gaining buy in and financial support
  • Supplier management – how do you ensure your supply chain works for you?
  • Technology choices – understanding your tech stack and tech choices as you move your services on line and create services that work for everyone
  • Digital service standards – what are they and how do you work towards them?


1 hour phone or video call£120
90 minute phone or video call£150
Half day video call£450
Full day video call£900
1 hour phone or video call£85
90 minute phone or video call£120
Half day video call£300
Full day video call£600


We can help you to:

  • build confidence in your own ability
  • identify development areas and your action plan
  • develop your knowledge in digital delivery
  • enhance your communication and leadership skills
  • build relationships with your stakeholders
  • build your network and share good practice.
  • clearly define team roles and responsibilities
  • implement good working practices to support productivity and delivery
  • develop ways of working, routines, rhythms and agile thinking
  • deal effectively with stakeholders as a team
  • build resilience as a team
  • innovate, plan, develop strategy and deliver as a team


With one of the Perago directors£1,200
With one of the wider Perago team£900
2 hour team session£500
Half day team session£900
Full day team session£1,200

Training & Capability Reviews

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