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The Procurement Reform Act will transform the public procurement landscape in Wales. Procurement reform in Wales is deeply aligned with national and local well-being objectives, echoing the principles of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and the Wales procurement policy statement. Neath Port Talbot Council was seeking to integrate these principles into its procurement processes, nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship between financial prudence and community prosperity. 

To support the implementation of the new procurement principles, Perago were engaged to: 

  • Carry out an assessment of the procurement operations, tools, systems and processes. 
  • Create a roadmap to support NPT in transforming its procurement service to be ready for procurement reform.

User Research

  • We worked with the NPT team to recruit and interview candidates from across the organisation who were responsible for procurement within their service areas. We also gathered feedback on the awareness of procurement reform and how it likely affects their day-to-day operations. 
  • We conducted interviews across multiple service areas, from food and appliance procurement to playgrounds and buildings funding. 
  • We created a set of user personas, highlighting the confidence and awareness of upcoming procurement reform. 
  • We created user stories and identified the user roles across the organisation with some form of spending function. 

System & Process Analysis 

  • Identified the systems in use across the council that staff can use to procure and pay for goods and services. 
  • Created an ideal ‘journey through procurement’ for NPT staff, aligned with the Cyd 4 procurement steps and CIPS procurement process.
  • Undertook a SWOT analysis and presented it to the corporate management team, clearly prioritising the opportunities.

Spend Analysis  

  • Undertook analysis of previous years’ spending across categories within NPT. 
  • Benchmarked NPT spend profile against ‘typical’ local authority spending on goods and services. 
  • Created infographics highlighting procurement spending and opportunities to realise efficiencies at each stage of the procurement lifecycle. 


  • Created a roadmap with practical and actionable changes
  • Engagement with key officers

We chose to partner with a local supplier, Perago, to support us in this work. Their comprehensive assessment of our procurement operations, including tools, systems, and processes, provided recommendations to improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and help us deliver value for money.

From spending analysis to operational system integration, every aspect of procurement was examined and optimised to align with our financial and procurement objectives.  


This collaborative effort allowed us to deliver on our commitment to responsible spending and community well-being with procurement strategies aimed at invigorating the local economy. 

Craig Griffiths  

Head of Legal & Democratic Services 

Neath Port Talbot Council said 


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