This week marks 9 months that I’ve spent with Perago. Time has flown so quickly; can’t believe it’s been 9 months. I’ve been involved in multiple projects over the year, have worked with different clients and met some amazing people. I have recently been working on the re-vamp of the current Perago website along with Victoria, Chris and Jess.

We started off thinking about what we wanted to change on the current site and any content we could add. We did an analysis of our current website and found there were more things we wanted to change than we had anticipated. That’s when we decided to actually create a new website for Perago in order to meet our user’s needs and to showcase Perago’s new brand identity.

As this project is nearly coming to an end, here are some of the things I’ve learnt along the way:

  1. Manage your time wisely – I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in a variety of projects with Perago. From working with the comms team in the Centre for Digital Public Services to helping produce a new website for Perago. A lot of these projects were overlapping and in order to get everything done on time and to a high standard, I’ve had to manage my time to work efficiently. I’ve learnt to organise my work by working systematically and keeping on top of everything as much as possible.
  2. Voice your thoughts – I’ve been given so much more responsibility as the year has gone on. At the start of my placement, I wasn’t as vocal as I could’ve been – I think that was because I was afraid of saying the wrong thing or getting things incorrect. I’ve learnt now that no idea is a bad idea! It doesn’t matter if you get things wrong, voicing my opinion and asking questions has got me much further and has allowed me to learn through experience.
  3. To be ME – Perago has grown tremendously as a company whilst I’ve been here. The team has grown and the new(ish!) recruits have been an amazing addition to the team. With Perago, I’ve had many opportunities to meet new people (with the help of Teams/Zoom) and just being myself has really helped me form bonds with people despite lockdown restrictions. We now do fortnightly show and tells with the whole team including associates, which has been great as everyone has a chance to showcase what they’ve been up to and/or any interesting things they’d like to share with the group.

Everything I’ve learnt, I was able to use in this project, and will continue to use for future projects. We worked with communications agency Cowshed and have created a brand-new website for the company. We believe that this showcases who Perago are and what we have to offer. Check it out here!

Our new website –
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