Hi readers. I’m Sarika, a Perago newbie – it’s only my second week! I’ll be working with the lovely Jess as a User Centred Designer, which is super exciting. 

I moved to Wales from London two years ago to start a role that was new to me, in an industry that was also new to me and in a location I had never lived before. Let’s just say I don’t do things by half and embrace change and challenge wholeheartedly!  

It’s hard to believe that more than half my time living in Wales has been spent post first lockdown! From what I have seen of Wales so far, it’s a very beautiful and friendly place, I can’t wait to explore more of it when possible.

Joining Perago 

It’s very strange starting a new job in the middle of a pandemic – the first few weeks are usually a blur of going out for lunches with colleagues, trying to get passcards to work and learning the office layout. So, as you can imagine this is a very different experience. 

However starting at Perago has been a very smooth transition, everyone’s friendly and approachable. They’re such a welcoming bunch that I have instantly felt part of the team! I’m really looking forward to meeting them all in person once it’s safe and we are able to. 

Having said that, I met Jess a few months after I moved to Wales.  Being new to Wales I was looking to make connections so went to a meetup in Cardiff. I’d been there for about half an hour (somehow I had just happened to find myself next to the pizza table!) and was asking someone I’d just met whether he was a user researcher. He said he wasn’t, but I should speak to his colleague who was to arrive shortly. As he said that Jess walked up the stairs and directly towards us. We were introduced and one of the first things I said was something like “We were both just talking about you”. Luckily she did not run a mile from my fangirling! We kept in touch and Jess recently made me aware of a role at Perago, so I applied and as they say – the rest is history! 

Understanding user need 

I am deeply passionate about understanding and empathising with people, and user research is a powerful way to get straight to the heart of issues to ultimately help design solutions that make people’s lives better.

My previous role as a software engineer involved UI (User Interface) development where I translated UX (User Experience) designs into code for BT.com. I learnt so much but wanted to get closer to the user so started training as a UX designer where I started to learn how to design great experiences for users. This is when my dream role – to work directly with users – came up at Perago.

Next steps 

Having started out in marketing and then gained experience in software engineering, I now look forward to learning more about user research and service design. I can’t wait to start working with our clients and help make a positive difference to people’s lives by improving the services that we all use, that is my Perago dream! 

Email: [email protected] 

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